Messaging is the most used method of communication these days we use on our smartphones. WhatsApp being the app that has most number of users and still running strong. But there are many other apps too that can be a great alternative to what you are already using.

Today we will see some of the free messaging apps that I personally feel are worth your time and data. All of these works on the principle of sending free texts using the internet so that means you must have a little data for the apps to work. They do use very little data, so no worries to loose tons of MB on texting.

Best Free Android Messaging App

List Of Best Free Android Messaging App

Check out these 7 hottest free messaging apps:

Signal Private Messenger

This app boasts of its security feature that has end to end encryption enabled between devices. One of the first messaging apps that made it possible to send encrypted texts between users and maintain privacy. It has open source cryptography for any advanced user to verify the security of the texts they send. This app also allows having phone calls over the internet with no extra cost. A decent alternative for WhatsApp with advanced security. Download.


This app garnered some serious popularity in recent years with its functionality. It is fast, smooth and has all top features to be a go to messaging app. You can share large files even .zip that is not possible in many other top messaging apps. It also packs a powerful photo editor to quickly edit photos before sharing it with your contacts. It also provide you a secret chat window where the messages self-destructs itself after a fixed interval. Sounds like some mission impossible stuffs, isn’t it? You should try it out for sure. Download.

Viber Messenger

Number speaks for the popularity of this app that has made it one of the top apps on app store. This instant messaging app is pretty same to the ones we discussed above. However the calling quality is better on this app than many to be honest. You can have group chats and make video calls on this app with ease. What makes it different from others is its feature that allows you to delete a message or text even after it is sent. Now this is handy, get it here.

Textra SMS

This app is for people who want something sophisticated and stylish over simplicity. This app has tons and tons of options to customize and change the look of the usual layout of texts. It acts as an alternative for your native messaging app and make sure you have something new to be served each time you use it. Get this app and change the look of texting forever. Download.

chomp SMS

A very old player in the market of text messaging even before the popularity of WhatsApp. This app is nifty and has every feature that a good messaging app must have. It even allows you to stop any misdirected text during sending and all other security features. You can also set custom themes and make your own theme to give your messaging app a special look. Download and you won’t regret this simple yet powerful app.

Android Messages

Coming from the android godfather, this app is basis for many others in the market. This stock android messaging app made by Google has a material design, clean colors and smooth functionality. All that is expected from the creator of android platform with added features like emojis and blocking unwanted texts. You can even have the option to send text over data if permitted by the network provider. Download.


If you are 90s kid you must remember Gtalk, that was widely used for messaging as well as video calls. One of the first generation apps that still holds its place firm amidst so many new apps flooding the market. The name got a new touch from Gtalk to Hangouts but the functionality remained quiet on the same line with the predecessor. The UI also got its beautiful colorful layout with addition of emojis and other features that made it one of the first instant messaging apps that enabled free texting across users. Download.

I hope this article was helpful in choosing the best alternative for texting other than WhatsApp. Many of these apps have features that I am sure most of you are not aware of. Let me know in the comments below about the app that impressed you the most.