Themes are the easiest way you can change the look of your devices instantly. With themes you can change the wallpaper as well as icons making it a different device all together. You can use the themes to easily make the device look unique and add functionality. Using the theme you can make it more useful for you with added features and app drawers. Android platform is loved for its customization option. So, why not use the easy customization option of the device to change the device wallpaper and icon packs.

Let’s look at few of the best apps that provide you opportunity to customize your device the way you want. All these apps provide you the options to get the most out of your android devices and make them look the way you want to express yourself.

top 7 themes app

List Of Best Theme Apps For Android Smartphone


This provides tons of themes to customize your device look and feel. You get over 400 premium themes from various genres like nature, minimal or even abstract themes. It supports Zooper widget that provides useful device information on the home screen. You can get creative and edit any theme with your favorite music player or widgets. Download.

Beautiful Theme

This app has some serious collection of HD wallpapers and icon packs. You get a lot of options to choose from or even download more from the app directly. It has a good collection of contemporary style wallpapers and icons that you can customize as per your need. This theme pack is supported by many popular launchers so you get a lot for free. Download.

C launcher

This is not just a themes app but a whole launcher that is capable of replacing your native launcher. The reason this app feature in the list is the tons of themes and wallpapers that it comes with. It has a great collection of quality themes and wallpapers to give your device a new look each time. The launcher comes with an icon pack that can be customized as desired to have a personal feel to the device. All of these for free, download.

Go launcher

With 1000 of themes to choose from and tons of customization options, this app is a must have. You get what you ask for with this app having the ability to give a complete makeover. It’s smooth, fast and responsive to allow you to swiftly move around your apps on your device. This app provides a very interactive interface to enrich your device user experience. You can even set the various stylish widgets at offer for more info on desktop. Download.

Best android theme workshop

Though not a single app, this developer has some of the best themes you can get for your device. They specialize in making personalization aps that are snappy and have tons of options. You can everything that you need to satisfy your customization need on your android device. We cannot list down all of the themes they provide as they have a very large catalogue. It is advised to go through their portfolio to get you favorite one surely. Visit.

Neon 2

This app has some good collection of wallpapers and icon packs that look decent. Though it is supported by the solo launcher, you can use the wallpaper background feature with any other launcher. Having the solo launcher will allow you to customize your icon packs and provide a decent opportunity for you to get the best customization option for your device. You can get the launcher as well as this pack for free. Download.

CM Launcher 3D

This last launcher is one of the favorite of users from around the android platform. The launcher has one of the biggest theme and icon pack that you can use for free. The wallpapers are of high quality and have decent options to choose from for the best customization option. You also get high quality 3D animation that are smooth and the transitions look stylish. This launcher boasts some great widgets that can also be customized according to your liking. Best part is you can completely switch to this launcher to get the best out of this app and the options. Download.

Be sure to check them out and leave a comment below to let us know which among these is your favorite.