If you desire to go back to the time when farming was the main activity most men were involved. The new genre of gaming on android platform has brought that to reality. This genre has slowly gained its liking among younger generation who has never experienced this in real life moving to cities.

However these free to play games can give you a simulated environment where you get the opportunity to use your skills at farming and managing a farm. The games are built to give you the experience of managing a real life scenario of role playing with intense characters and gameplay.

Here are the top 10 farm games that you must try if this is the genre you want to explore:

Farmville 2

Probably the most well-known title in this genre of gaming that has placed itself at top spot for a long time. The graphics are better than many we have seen in this genre. Though the game play is simple at first look, it can easily become very challenging with one wrong move. It is a fun game where you get to explore lands, buy materials to farms and build a fruitful farm that bear fruits. You even get to play with your friends and do business with them and help grow your farm. Download.

Hay Day

hay day farm gameThis is another popular title in the genre of farm games that boat millions of downloads. As every other game in the list you are required to build a farm and maintain it so that it can sustain a city. You have the power to create and manage a farm that provide livelihood to the city people. And when you are down with some crop, get help from your friends to build a stronger farm. Download.


A little more than just building a farm, this game needs you to build a fully functioning town. The idea is similar, farming being the basis of every activity as it used to be before modernization. This game will let you feel the importance farming has on an economy and how you can build a town on it. A great game for you to enjoy with friends and build a town the way you want it. Download.

Village and Farm

Get the real essence of living in the countryside with cattle and farms and peace. Build your farm, grow crops, cook meals, feed you cattle and do much more. You get a plenty of options to get the real feel of being in a village and doing stuffs that they do each day. It is not as easy as it seems, as daily challenges can make you use your mind hard. A fun time pass game that is smooth and simple. Download.

Green Farm 3

A colorful casual game for those who like farm games and want a little more of punchy colors. This game has beautiful eye catchy colors to go with the theme of the game. It has simple controls that let you control you tasks with simple gesture. You can play this game with your kids too and enjoy together the fun of having your own farm. It is free to play and offers enjoyable experience. Download.

Fairy Farm

This is a little different game from the rest of the games in the list. The basis of this game is also same, building a farm and tress and managing your farm. What sets the game apart from the rest is the fact that the tress and crops you grow are not real tress or crops. Yes, you heard me right, they are more of magical trees and crops that you need to grow using magic. Although not a conventional farm game, this game has some good creativity and fun elements to stick to. Download.

FarmVille: Tropic Escape

farmville tropic escape gameWe had to include this game in this list for the awesome gameplay and creativity shown in the game. You get to manage not a farm but a whole island and get exotic crops to grow. Trading is not limited to the neighbors but you have visitors to the island whom you need to please and trade with. This game bring one of the dreams comes true of owing an island of your own. Download.

Let me know in the comments below of the above game you enjoyed most playing.