Physics is always a subject that is taken as a serious set of calculations and theories. However these games can change your outlook towards it and make it enjoyable for you. From simple friction laws to gravitational theories, these games take on them in a fun way. You must try these games for once and even let your young ones understand the laws playing. You can download these free games from the links and enjoy the ease of playing and intensity on your android devices.

Below is the list of top 10 games that gets its inspiration from physics laws and presents them in a fun learning activity.

Brain It On!

brain it on game

This game is a real physics puzzle game that is quite challenging with the puzzles. You need to draw shapes to complete each tasks on levels and proceed further. Completing puzzles with accuracy will gain you stars which can help you unlock later levels. At first sight it looked quite a simple game but jumping into it proved the level of intensity it had. You will stick to this game challenging yourself with physics laws that define this game very well. Download.

Rube’s Lab

Rube's lab game

Another game from the physics puzzle genre that has an interactive gameplay and tough levels. This game is not any casual game but a challenging stream of physics laws that you need to crack. Create chain reactions or solve puzzle with items provided, this game has all elements to give tough times to even smart gamers out there. It also has a catchy story to give a direction where you save the lab from Dr. Evil. Furthermore Rube is there to help you with hints and help if you get stuck somewhere. Give it a try here.

Physics Drop

Physics Drop game

The game requires you to draw simple lines and polygons to let a red ball fall into the basket. You may draw as many lines as possible to make the ball roll to the basket. it may seem very easy but wait, both the ball and the lines follows the rules of physics. You must make sure the ball rolls on its own and not get stuck amidst the lines. A fun challenging physics game to try. Download.

Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill climb racing 2

This game has received many good feedbacks for being a challenging yet fun game. Mostly working on the principle of gravity and force, this game has simple controls to play around and even learn the law. You have two controls of acceleration and brake and you need to adjust your speed so as not to trip over the hilly road. The gameplay is smooth with good graphics and tons of levels to play around till you master the skills. Download.

Brain Dots

Brain Dots game

A simple game where you just need to make two balls bump into one another. Wait! It’s not that simple, you will be scratching your head to find ways to win the rounds. You are required to draw lines and shapes that can make the balls bump into each other. Let your imagination take a bumpy ride and test your skills in planning the path for the balls to meet. Download.

Roll the Ball™

Roll the ball game

This game has been recommended by many experts for it brain tickling gameplay. you have to just slide the squares to make way for the ball to escape the maze. Though it seems like a kids game but once you get started you will know the intensity it possess. You can even play it with your kids and make them learn physics in a fun way. All you need is patience, intelligence and little knowledge of physics laws. Download.

Angry Birds 2

Angry birds 2

I kept this game for the last cause this game needs no introduction. One of the most popular mobile games ever, this game though simple follows the laws of physics quite well. Pull the catapult and release the angry birds breaking through the mazes and killing the pigs. The concept has remained unchanged through years with new versions with added birds with new powers and different scenarios. There are tons and tons of level to play, that will keep you busy for hours challenging your skills. If you are those few who have not played this game ever then I suggest you to try it here.

Let us known in the comments below about the game you enjoyed the most playing that challenged your physics knowledge.