From the advent of android gaming, strategy games are one of the top choices. Games of this genre have all the elements from action to strategic gameplay. With so many games from top developers it’s difficult to choose one and leave out the other. You need patience, planning and preparation to win the battles. These games are for hardcore gamers to put their skills to test.

We have listed down few best strategy games that you must play today. With quality graphics and top notch gameplay we do recommend you to try these games at least once. You can get the games from the links and enjoy the genre that will ignite the passion in you.

List Of Best Strategy Games For Android Devices

Clash of Clans

This game needs no introduction, every human knows about it supposedly. One of the biggest hits on android gaming platform from the time it was announced. Based mostly on multiplayer playing mode, it is a really challenging game. You can challenge your friends and show them who is better at planning and making strategies.

Clash of Clans screenshot

You never know when you will be attacked as many are waiting to take over your territory. Be prepared and build strategy to take on players from around the globe and be the ultimate clan. Download the game here and enjoy the great gameplay.

Stick War: Legacy

If you are stick war fan you will love this game. Perfect strategy and action game with ease of controls and a catchy story to keep it interactive. You are the king of a nation and your job is to use your planning and strategic skills to attack and acquire weapons. It’s not as easy as it seems, as other nations are constantly trying to capture your territory.

stick war legacy screenshot

This game is free to download and we found it quite interactive and fun. If you haven’t tried stick war games, its time you give it a try. You will enjoy it for sure, download this game from here and see for yourself what we mean.

Mobile Strike

Enter into the epic battle of heroes willing do anything to save their base. Build your ultimate base, assign weapons to guard it and battle players from around the globe. With one of the largest player base this game is intense and action packed. It’s not about power but about brains, plan your attack and surprise your enemies.

Mobile Strike screenshot

You get all the modern weapons and artillery to defend your base and launch attacks. Train hard, upgrade weaponry, build stronger base and be the commander of the most advanced base. Take on players and show off your skills in a battlefield. You can get this highly entertaining and addictive game from here.

Chess Online

Chess online screenshot

One of the first strategic games that evolved ages ago. Chess is the ultimate strategy game that even sharpest minds can struggle. Play 1-on-1 with players from around the globe and be the master. You definitely need skills and patience to win in this best of strategy games. You can download it from here and enter into the world of most challenging strategic game.

Plants vs Zombies

This is a fun little strategic game where you defend yourself from zombies using plants. The concept of the game is fun and interesting as you get plants with peculiar and fun abilities. From peashooters to cheery bombs, you get such interesting plants to protect yourself.

plant vs zombies screenshot

Plant the tress around your house to shoot away the zombies that are trying to enter your house. With many different locations and zombies to fight, this game is fun and gets addictive after sometime. As you move through levels the challenge intensifies and you need to be more aware before planting. Download the game from here and plant away the zombies.


Vainglory screenshot

This game is a strategic multiplayer game with easy to learn controls. You need to battle 3-on-3 in an epic battle with players from around the world. The game is fast paced with interesting characters to battle. Definite try for games who love actions with good graphics and smooth gameplay. Get this game from here and be the best in the world.

Classic Bomber Legend

classic bomber legend screenshot

Last on the list we have a surprise for you. If you are 90s kid and have played video game on your TV. This game will take you back to your older days of bomber game. Not a game with HD graphics but has a good gameplay that needs planning and making strategies. Find your way out of the bomber maze in this exciting old classic. Be sure to download this from here.

Do not forget to let us know your favorite game from the list, in the comments below.