Either you are traveling to a new place or simply need a currency rate to send your money to your parents living in other country; you may always need a currency converter.

Currency converts are many in number and most works quite same making the conversions and giving you the amount in desired currency. Most devices comes with a converter built in but with lack of features that following apps will provide you. With these simple yet powerful apps you can be master of your own financial managements and any such conversion needs as needed. Furthermore these apps are free and are top rated on Google playstore.

Best Currency Converters App

List of Best Currency Converters App For Android

1. Easy Currency converter

May be the best and simplistic in the pack with over 10 million downloads it is probably the most trusted app when it comes to currency exchange rates and conversions. With the rates for over 180 currencies from all over the globe and live exchange rates easy currency converter can be a perfect travel companion. In addition to this it can be used offline and can convert multiple currencies at one time.

2. All currency converter

All currency converter by SmartWho is a currency converter with integration of live exchange rate tracker that can be used in real time to accurately covert any currency. Has over 1 million of downloads and is among the top rated apps. You can easily compare the exchange rates of different currencies and the charts can help you track the changes in the exchange rates graphically.

3. XE Currency

One of the most trusted, if not the most trusted app used by investor and financial professionals to monitor rates of currencies and precious metals. XE Currency is perfect companion for anyone looking to invest in foreign currency and precious metal markets. Even compatible with latest android wears it can send you notifications each time your marked currency changes rate with high and low.

4. Currency converter

Currency converter by Designer Calculators is a sturdy app that can be used to covert 15 currencies at one time. Automatically updates the exchange rates so you can have the accurate conversion to the desired currency. Downloaded for over 500,000 times with a rating of over 4.5 stars from users. A tad bit complicated to use in the initial stages but once you get used to it can be a great app for all your currency exchange needs.

5. Flip currency converter

This converter by looks is the best with materialistic design and very simple to use UI and great functionality. With graphs to track the exchange rates for as long as a year can help you keep check of the exchange rates fluctuation and plan accordingly. Give accurate figures up to 3 decimal places and support for over 160 currencies flip currency converter can be a great app.

6. Currency converter free

Julien MILLAU’s currency converter free is a sweet little app that does its job in a great way with some professional option like graphs to track the exchange rates. The graphs can be used to track the exchange rates for a single day up to 5 years that can help you to keep accurate track of the rates and you can even add your favorite currencies to get updates quickly.

7. My currency converter

Just type in your amount and select your currency and select the desired currency to easily and accurately convert the amount. It has multi device with support for tablet and mobiles for you to have currency conversion anytime anywhere. My currency converter is simple to use with easy controls that can be even used offline.

8. Currency FX exchange rates

A great promising app that has support for above 150 world currencies and 5 metals like gold and silver that too as money keeps on fluctuating in the money market. It has graphs that can track from 1 day, 1 month or 1 year or even 5 years. Currency FX exchange rates automatically detects the location and updates the currency with the current market rate for accurate and problem free conversion based on your location. You can also use country code and country name to get the exchange rates of the currency.

So which one is your favorite currency converter app? Let us know in comment.