Word games are best time passers that give you knowledge and not just entertainment. These games are light on the devices and fun to play around. You can test your knowledge and give your brain a good run for its money. Best part is this type of game can be enjoyed by everyone despite age. Fun learning games that can be enjoyed by kids as well as adults.

We have listed the best word games that we felt are worth trying. These games are free to download and have different difficulty levels to keep to trying. Not as easy as it may seem, these games are quite challenging and can make you work your brain hard.

List Of Best Word Games For Your Android

Words Crush

WordsCrush Screenshot


This game is a typical word search game where you need to find words from the jumble. It is very simple to play by just using your fingers and swiping. You need to find meaningful words that are hidden in a jumble of words. Words can be in vertical, horizontal or diagonal. There are many levels to play and improve your vocabulary skills. You can download it here.

4 Pics 1 Word

4 Pics 1 word screenshot

This app is little different among the word games where you need to find words for the pictures. There are 4 pictures that have one word in common and you need to find the word. Try your skills and level up to reach new heights in the game. The game is free and is quite challenging once to get through the basic levels. You can download the game here.

Word Search

Word Search screenshot

This game is same as other word games where you search words from columns of words. Every meaningful word gives you a point to keep yourself up for the leaderboard. You can connect words in every direction and get the correct words as early as possible. Jump through levels from less difficult to more complex ones. Get this game here and have fun.


Word-Brain screenshot

This is best game for brain exercise with challenging gameplay and levels to test your skills. There are tons of levels that even intelligent brains will find difficult to tackle. It can be played by young adults to people looking to keep their mind sharp. Download this app here and train your brain.

Word Trek

Word Trek screenshot

This is one of the popular games known for its interactive gameplay. This game has crossword style interface where a word is jumbled up in boxes. If you get stuck with any word, you can get few hints to help you in the way. It even provides you with new challenges every day for some extra daily dose of excitement. You can download the game here.


Ruzzle screenshot

Ruzzle is really famous among word games enthusiastic for its multiplayer gameplay. You get to challenge your friends and opponents from worldwide in a dual. Test your skills in the 2 minutes of ultimate battle to find as many words as possible. The one with best skills and presence of minds wins the title of the expert. You can get this game from here.

Words Crush

Word Search Hidden Themes


This is another word search game that has been there for years now. Many users have voted it great for its simple gameplay and attractive interface. You have scramble of words where you need to use your intelligence to mind meaningful words. There is no time limit, so you can learn to master yourself in the art. Be sure to check this game out from here.

7 Little Words

7 little words screenshot

An interesting little fun game that is not like all other word game out there. There are 7 clues and 7 mystery words to be find using the clues. There are new puzzles everyday with clues and mysteries. Though this app is fun and free initially, you get 50 puzzles to learn and keep up your challenges. However the app needs subscription to get more puzzles. You must try this game at least once for its interesting gameplay, get it from here.

All of the above games are great to play around that even train your brain. A combination of skills, knowledge and patience will be the keys to success in such games. Let us know in the comments below about your favorite game that tested you to the limits.